Chocolate Decorations Made Easy

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Although Acetate sheets are a great reusable tool; baking papers can be used too.
Acetate/Chocolate Collars available at Value Baking Supplies: http://valuesupplies.co.za/product/acetate-plastic-chocolate-collar/

To Download Chocolate piping Stencil Guides; please click images below:
piping-templates-3  piping-templates-14  piping-templates-10  piping-templates-4  piping-templates-13  piping-templates-17   piping-templates-15      piping-templates-12  piping-templates-11    piping-templates-8  piping-templates-7  piping-templates-9  piping-templates-6  piping-templates-18  piping-templates-5    piping-templates-2  piping-templates-16  piping-templates-1