Sugar Craft Decorations

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Although we have a standard range of Sugar Craft products throughout the year with additions for special occasions; our products are handmade and therefore will always be individual.
No identical duplicates will occur and may vary from illustration pictures.
Sugar craft items are affected by humidity, moisture and heat; which may affect stock availability.
Any pictures used are for illustration purposes only.

Shelf Life & Storage

Shelf Life & Storage: Sugar craft items last for approx. 1-2 years if stored correctly. Store out of direct sunlight (incl. tungsten and florescent lighting – over a long period of time, or colour will fade) DO NOT store in a fridge/freezer. Keep in a dry, cool area (e.g. Cupboard) Sugar craft items are affected by humidity, moisture and heat.

Quality & Finishing

Quality & Finishing Colour Accuracy: Due to working with food products and colourants; finished colouring or tone may vary with a 10-20% difference from sample provided or previous batch. As colourings are natural based products; batches may vary which will affect finished tones from previous batches. We do our very best to get to the colour provided as accurate as possible; however colour perception can differ person to person. Factors such as materials used, batch variations of ingredients, metallic to matt or matt to metallic, personal perception, etc. do come into play. Please take this into consideration when planning a colour scheme ahead of time. Please note as products are handmade; finished product may vary from actual picture provided

Refund Policy

Returns & Refunds: Due to the nature of the product; we do not accept any refunds/ returns on these products.

Custom Orders

Ordering Specifics: If you would like to place a special order: Order Lead Time: approx..4-6 Weeks Send illustration/ picture (Please note as products are handmade; finished product may vary from actual picture provided) Instructions along with size, colour, etc and the latest required date. Although we cannot do everything under the sun; we will best assist you as far as possible. If we can assist you with your requirements; we will send you a quotation notification for which you will need to approve. 50% – 100% Deposit is required on all sugar craft special orders upfront before we will proceed with creations. For custom orders please email: sugarcraft@valuesupplies.co.za

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures below are for illustration purposes only.
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