The possibilities are truly endless.
Submit a photo(s), images, ideas, etc you might like.
Tell us your are looking for assistance & provide us with the following information:
• Type of occasion; birthday, girls night, tea party, special occasion, etc.
• Age Group.
• Gender specification/non-binary, etc.
• Colour Scheme if any
• Party Theme / Type of pary
• Some background information the person (s); their likes / dislikes, type of person they are (i.e wild, fun, funky, creative, shy, passive, likes to read, loves to play computer games, loves animals, etc)
We will collaborate on the project & present you with some ideas.

We have 2 printing structures.
1. AS IS: No changes, no editing - Standard fee (R80.00)

2. Changes / Editing required. - To be quoted accordingly.
Please send your requirements & we will send you a  non-obligational quotation.

Any Editing required or setting up of multiple images onto one sheet; may result in additional editing fees.

•Standard Printing:
A4 SHEETS (Print area is approx. 255.5 x 200mm)
ROUNDS, SQUARES, RECTANUGLAR, etc can be set up to a max of 20cm per sheet.

•Poster Printing:
A3 SHEETS (Print area is slightly smaller than an actual A3 size)
Printed over 2x A4 Sheets that you will join together.

•Cupcakes & Custom sizing

We use a guided template to help you decide which size you want.
We have different sizes available; or we can set up the sizes according to your specifications*.
Please request our cupcake guideline and choose your preferred option.
*If you wish to have a special size done; please note this will fall under our editing schedule.
All cupcakes are printed on a solid sheet & not die cut; you will have to cut out the shapes and remove them from the plastic backing.

Please see TYPE OF PRINTING & TIME GUIDELINE TIMETABLE below for a guideline on order time period & pricing.
Via Email:

Email your custom designs, specification, request / order directly to

Via Shop:
Come into any of our stores. Our branches will be happy to take your order, assist & guide you further.

Via Online:

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page & fill in the order form.

Process & Collection:
Via Email:
• You will receive an automatic response to let you know your email is received by us.
• As soon as we get to your order; we will 
process the order & send you a proof of the final product via email along with a quotation.
 Please see our timetable below for various guide options.
• If you are happy to proceed; please send your proof of payment directly to in order for us to proceed with your order.
• Once proof of payment is received we will commence with printing.
• We will send you a TIME CONFIRMATION EMAIL for when your print will be ready for collection.
• Please use correct reference no. if making EFT payments so we can tie it up with your order. 

Alternatively you can make a shop payment and they will print your order while you wait. Please note this may take approx. 20mins.

Via Shop / Online: 
Once we receive a shop order we will process as per timetable below.
We will gladly send a proof to you for approval before printing if required.

Payment is made upfront when you place your order via the shop.
You will receive a shop order number which will be your reference for emailing purposes or queries. 

You are welcome to place your order at any of our branches and collect as soon as it is ready.
All printing is done after all confirmations and payments have been received.
We have branches in:
Somerset West
Montague Gardens.


Occasionally our confirmation emails or invoices find their way into your spam or trash folder.  Please double check these folders.
If it is not there, please check you sent it to the correct email address.
If you have sent it to the correct email address; you will receive an automatic reply.
If it has been more than 12hours during the week; please call the edibles department on 021 981 0304 & someone will follow up for you soonest.
Email is as follows:

Simply fill out the booking sheet below
& someone will be in contact with you via email.

Icing sheets are primarily used as an edible photo quality replica of your image, which is used as a cake top decoration. It can be used on many different topping types, for example buttercream icing, fondant, chocolate or even ice-cream. Our Edible icing sheets comply with EU food standards.

Starches (E1422, E1412), Maltodextrin, Glycerin, Sugar Stabilizer (E414, E460i),Dextrose, Emulsifiers (E435, E491, E471), Food Colour (E171), Citric Acid, Flavours, Preservative (E202), Sweetener (Sucralose).

Yes, Completely. 
The edible icing sheet and edible inks use FDA approved ingredients.

The edible icing sheets can last up to 3 months if 
• Kept sealed
• Stored in a DRY, cool place
• & does not get affected by humidity/heat source.

Store in a Dry, Cool area (i.e cupboard, in a container).

DO NOT store in a fridge / freezer.
DO NOT store in
direct sunlight, keep in a dry cool area. 
DO NOT store near a heat source (i.e in cupboard next to the oven)
DO NOT store near a moisture source (i.e on top, near/ next to fridge, freezer, tumble drier, humidifier, etc)

Keep it sealed in the packet.

Once you receive the image, it must be kept in its original bag; remaining sealed, and kept out of direct light and at room temperature (see more on How to store above).

To remove the edible print, use something flat, like a business card and gently slide it in between the plastic backing and edible sheet. Gently loosen it by  sliding the business card from one side to the other. If it gets stuck DO NOT force for you can tear the sheet. Rather try a different angle.

Once the sheet is removed you can put it onto frosting on your cake. 

Peel the image off the plastic backing.
Starting at the middle of the cake, lay the image on top of the cake, and work your way to the ends. 
NOTE: Once it is on, it cannot be moved.
Using your hands, smooth the image onto the cake. 
If air bubbles form, you can pop them with a pin.

Proceed with decorative piping, or edging. 
After 30 minutes the image will dissolve enough into the icing that it will be then ready to cut and serve.


It is best to cut or trim the image while still on its backing sheet.

It is best to pipe butter/royal -icings onto the image; once it is on the cake.
If you wish to dust the sheet with metallic powers/ glitter; it would be best to do this before applying to the cake (do not use spirits/alcohol; it will melt the sheet)
Edible writing pens can be used with caution, but we advise against this for first time users.

The icing sheet is susceptible to moisture; the longer it stands on a cake, the longer it will draw moisture from the cake & air.
This can result in colours drawing darker, inks leaking/seeping into cake/icing & bubbles occurring on the picture area.
The darker the colours of the print the more it will be affected.
The wetter the weather; the more it will be affected.
We do not advise to leave the icing sheet overnight; but rather to be applied on day of presentation.

Once the sheet is removed you can put it onto frosting on your cake. 
Immediately after the butter icing has been put on the cake, is the best time to apply the icing image, before a crust forms.

For best results, use a light coloured frosting, and spread the butter icing as smooth as possible. 

For royal icing or fondants, lightly mist the cake with a little water before applying the image. 

• Pictures of "images of a cake" CANNOT be used.
• Screenshots of images will not work & the quality is too low; rather send us the link address.

JPG or PDF format. 
The higher the resolution, the better.
Images to be MIN 550KB or more for best results.

PLEASE NOTE: That as images are printed on food using food products; colour & quality may vary from what you see on your monitor.

PLEASE NOTE: That the images are printed on food using food products; colour & quality may vary from what you see on your monitor.

The better quality (higher resolution) you can provide, the clearer and crisp the image will be.
If you send us a low res image; we cannot guarantee a good result.

Will the image and colours of the icing sheet be exactly as seen on my original picture?
When the images are printed out onto icing sheets, the colour may not be exactly the same as the original. 
It tends to be a few shades different, but not usually that noticeable. 
Most of the time the difference is so slight, but there are times when the difference is obvious and that is with company logos, unfortunately in this business, we cannot guarantee that, but we do try our best.
Images that you copy from an on-line source, or that you have extracted from Word documents or PDF files (or other embedded image sources) can use different colour palettes which can affect the way the image is printed.
Photographs that you scan and save as images files can also print differently depending on how the scanner interprets the colours. 
Usually scanning original photos is not a problem as long as you don't scan an image that was printed with a printer. 
Inks print on the premise of CMYK basis, but it is food colouring; so the colours & batches do vary from normal printing.

Unfortunately we do not deal with this type of material.
We will not reprint any images that we deem inappropriate. We will not reprint any image that we feel is objectionable, offensive, discriminating, contain nudity, or profanity, etc.

Edibles Department Operating Hours:
Mon – Fridays: 9:00 – 16:00
Closed on weekends & Public holidays

ORDER / REQUEST FORM (Edible icing sheets only)

Edibles Department Operating Hours: Mon – Fridays: 9:00 – 16:00  |  Closed on weekends & Public holidays
Please include your requirements below.  We will quote & advise you accordingly. 
Once we have received your order; we will proceed to contact you via email with any further queries. 
Once you are happy with quotation; you will receive a copy of your artwork for approval.
No printing will commence without confirmation & proof of payment.