Waterbase Blue Label Colouring – Orange


Barco Brand
– Perfect for Meringues


Blue Label
Barco, Blue Label, food colour dye is a preferred brand to colour various food products and liquids with. It is a highly concentrated, water soluble dye and food colouring powder and will achieve intensely brilliant colours.

Water soluble powder colours
Food Grade
Kosher and Halaal certified.
Concentrated colour: a very little of this powder goes a long way! It is super potent!
GMO free
Gluten Free
Nut Free (Possibility of external contamination)
Dairy Free (Possibility of external contamination)
Please also note that the powder in the tub does not represent the colour it becomes when it is mixed with water! For instance “Blue” is a brownish colour in the tub.

Used to:
These powders can be used to add colour to fondant, macaroons, butter icing, cocoa butter, gelatin balls, glaze cake glaze, beverages (Bompies, cold drinks, Ice-Lollies), candy floss, meringues, royal icing, pastilage, dry mixes (yes, this is what they use in the pre-mix packs), baked goods, confections, dairy products, ice cream, pet foods, even paint streaks of colour into your hair and a variety of other products.
It can also be mixed into Quick Paint or pure lemon extract and used as a paint to paint onto fondant.

How to:Colouring:
We advise that you mix the powder into a small amount of water or Barco Quick Paint to form a paste, and then to use the paste to colour your product with till the desired shade is achieved. The water will dissolve the powder granules and will prevent flecks of undissolved colour appearing in your fondant, meringues, royal icing etc. as would happen when it is mixed directly into your product as a powder.

In a small bowl, mix equal parts BLUE LABEL DYE and Quick Paint or pure lemon extract. Dissolve the powder completely before painting. Since these mixes can evaporate quickly, mix small amounts of paint at a time and use immediately.
If you need to paint more than one layer for even coverage allow each coat to dry completely before starting a new one.

Blue label dyes have side effects that Red Label pigment powders lack. Consuming large amounts of Blue Label dyes can colour the hands, tongue and even stool!

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